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To be the most widely used firearms in the world.
Bring our customers the innovative products and services
that they want, deliver the performance they demand, for
every shooter’s level and discipline.
Our work will be guided by our CORE VALUES of:
We are a company that leads by example at all levels. We have a clear vision of
where we are going, and we openly communicate that vision with all team members.
We will conduct our business with honesty and integrity. We uphold the
values and principles of Savage Arms in every action and decision.
We encourage team members to actively seek out continuous improvement,
be accountable, provide excellent customer service, embrace critical thought
and questioning as if this were their own company.
We have confidence in the capabilities and intentions of all our employees. We know
it takes people with different ideas, strengths, and interests to make our company
succeed. We encourage healthy, constructive debate in an open and respectful
environment and value those who speak-up with differences of opinion.
We embrace a culture of innovation and continuous improvement where
our employees are constantly seeking personal and professional growth.
We operate with a sense of urgency which is essential to making progress and
responding to the quickly-evolving demands of our industry and customers.

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